//Generic Dual Petrol & Gas Carburetors For Generators – Gas 2.0 – 3.5 Kva

Generic Dual Petrol & Gas Carburetors For Generators – Gas 2.0 – 3.5 Kva

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Key Features
  • Product runs on any generator on cooking gas, regardless of make or model
  • It is very safe and easy to install
  • It is more economical to use than petrol
  • Gas is always available to use with this product
  • 12.5KG gas can provide up to 40 plus hours of electricity
  • Gas is environmentally friendlier than petrol
  • Your generator will not produce any smoke
  • Your generator noise will be reduced by up to 50%
  • Less servicing and increased durability
  • No more cleaning of black sludge on your generator
  • Gas will not dry up like petrol
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This technology is real and will simply convert your existing petrol generator to be using Cooking Gas too, and it’s cheaper to run and last longer. You can switch between Petrol and Cooking Gas anytime without changing your Carburetor. This Dual Hybrid Carburetor allows your existing Gen to accept both Cooking Gas and Petrol as sources of fuel.

Your 12.5kg gas will take you up to 40hrs – that’s about a week, if you decide to run 6hrs per day!!!It’s easy to install and you can do it yourself > Just unmount your carburetor, mount the device and you are good to go. You can always remove the device and remount your carburetor if you want. The hybrid carburetor allows you to switch between both so you have no need for your old carburetor.

It’s also eco-friendly, as it produces no smokes!Sounds great, right? By the time you compare the time ratio between fuel and gas, you’ll realise you’re saving more by using gas! Check out the hours Gen lasts on cooking Gas compare to Petrol.